5 Free Messaging Apps for Windows 10

In this post today we are going to discuss the top application. Also, you can use all of those applications for free and they are available for windows. You can use all of the applications to make a call, SMS, video calls anytime and anywhere you want for free.

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And all the software is very secure. Above all, they are fully encrypted and secure too. This means that no matter which purpose you use this software. Furthermore, you will get all the software that you are searching for after reading this post.

WhatsApp for Windows 10:

5 Free Messaging Apps for Windows 10

As you know that WhatsApp is very famous software. Which you can use on your mobiles. And using that software we can send a message and can make a call anywhere you want. Also, there are tons of other benefits that WhatsApp provides to us. But using it over mobile is not fun and sometimes we can not access it over mobile. In that case, we want to use WhatsApp on our PC. So, today we are going to give you a direct link which you can use to download WhatsApp. And you will get tons of different advantages. Like, you will be able to watch anyone status on your PC. Chat or call to anyone at any time you want and so much more.


5 Free Messaging Apps for Windows 10

Skype is a very famous and well know the application. Which we are using on our mobile. But it is also available for PCs too. This means that now if you want to call anyone you can install it on your PC and simply can use this. To make Audio and Video calls anywhere in the world you want. This is really good software which you can use to make Audio and Videos call in really high quality easily. Above all, you can also send texts too. And the type of document or file you want. You can easily Send and Receive those files from Skype easily.


5 Free Messaging Apps for Windows 10

Viber is just like a kind of another version of WhatsApp Messaging Apps. Which you can easily use on your PC. By using Viber you can make Audio and Video calls easily. Also, while doing calls and sending messages you can easily use it to send text messages. When you will send any message if there is a mistake. Then at any time, you can easily delete that message too. Talk to as many peoples as you want and in different groups easily. You can hide your status to keep your privacy secure and much more that Viber has to offer to you.


5 Free Messaging Apps for Windows 10

You can use Telegram to run as many groups as you want. Furthermore, it is really secure software. Which keeps your data always protected. Using this you can send Messaging Apps. And also can send any type of data you want. No matter how large that data is. It will be some in that group where users can access any time they want. And so much more you can do in Telegram.


Slack is simple software. Which is used for team chatting? Like as we know that there are different groups that we can not manage on different applications. But if you are a student or works at an office or even a teacher. Let’s imagine if you are a teacher and you want to send a message or notes to your students how can you do that. This is the part where you can use Slack. By using this software you can create a group for different classes. At any time you want you can call or send message to each random student you want. And share files you want with your students.


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