5 Great Google Chrome Extensions To Personalize Your Browser

5 Great Google Chrome Extensions, Today we are going to discuss top extensions for Google Chrome. Which will completely change the look of Chrome. And also it will make your tasks easier. Above all, they will make your desktop look cooler, secure and even more. So, if you also want to customize your chrome and want to give it a nice touch. Then you should try all of the extensions because they are just out of this world. So let’s start discussing them. One more thing all of the extensions we are going to discuss are free.

5 Great Google Chrome Extensions


It is a new tab for Chrome. Which you can download and install easily. It will completely change the look of your tab. And will give you an amazing user experience. You will get different types of quotes while opening a new tab. That will motivate you. Also, there is to do list where you can add your daily tasks. If you want to complete them. Above all, if you forget things then you can also use a reminder. And to stay updated in the world. You can also use its advance weather features that will let you know everything about how the day is going to be. And tons of other widgets that you can try to customize. Here is the list of those things that you will get in it.

  • Customize your dashboard to give a nice look.
  • Many different widgets to try.
  • New customized and good looking tab.
  • Add tasks to-do list.
  • Reminder to remind you things that you forget.
  • Different quotes on a daily basis to motivate you.
  • And so much more.

Material Dark – MKBHD:

If you love Dark and you also want to get a dark theme. Then Material Dark – MKBHD is the best choice for you. Every aspect of this theme looks stunning. And every part of this theme is testes so well. That there are no mistakes. Furthermore, you can use this theme on full HD resolution.

Designer Theme:

5 Great Google Chrome Extensions It is just another good theme which you can try. And it will give you a pretty amazing experience while using it. Also, it supports Full HD resolution too. The main purpose of the theme is that you can read any text easily. And it gives you stunning experience while using your desktop and surfing. You can get this theme for free.

Blue/Green Cubes:

5 Great Google Chrome Extensions

Blue/Green Cubes will look stunning in your new tab. They are a kind of illusion with two different colors. And they just add more beauty to your new tab. everything looks stunning and also very easy to read. This extension is totally free. Which you can get from chrome web store easily.

Tab for a Cause:

5 Great Google Chrome Extensions

There are many different reasons to suggest this extension. You can easily use this to make your desktop look more beautiful. And above all whenever you will open a new Tab they will show you a few ads. Then those ads will directly transfer all the money to different charity foundations. If you like this idea then there are tons of other software like just Tab for a Cause, Tab for a Search. Which you can try and can help different people live there life to the fullest. So, you must try this extension and start helping other peoples while getting a cool desktop.


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