A Dark Mode is Coming to Google Chrome On Desktop

Finally, a dark mode is coming to Google Chrome on the desktop. Which we will be able to see in the new versions coming this year. There will be a lot of benefits that a dark mode will bring for us.

Also, as you know that Blue Light is harmful to us. Which is coming out of our LCDs or Laptops. We cannot stop that light. But if we are using the dark mode. Then it will reduce the risk of blue light. Above all, we can protect our eyes from Blue Light if we are using the dark mode.

It will work on almost every site. And it will be the dark mode overall the software. This means that wherever we go or whatever we are going to do will be more fun. Because we will be going there in a dark mode.

There are many extensions still that you can use to turn the Dark Mode. But they support only a few websites. And there are also a lot of problems that come with those extensions. But the one Chrome is going to announce for us. Will not going to be like this? It will be different. Furthermore, it will be fully compatible with any site you open.

You will get to see the dark mode. In your different tabs you are opening, your settings, and history, downloads and even more. Everything with a single click will turn into the dark. This will increase your ability to read and do more on the internet. It will also help you sleep easily. Because dark mode will keep filtering the blue light.

Dark mode will also be very useful for our health and eyes. So, we hope that we will be able to get this feature very soon on our chrome desktop.

Closing Words:

It also can take some time. To introduce this feature in chrome. They also have recently introduced dark mode for YouTube. Which is now available on all the versions of YouTube. For android, mac, desktop and even more. Simple from the YouTube setting we can turn on the dark mode for YouTube.

And it also gives a quite good experience while using YouTube. Even when we are watching videos. So, as you can get an idea from that dark mode. That when it will be available for whole chrome. What we are going to get out of our search. It will be a really good experience while we will be surfing any site.

As you know that extensions do not work quite well on every site. They blur the background and even more errors that we face. If we use any extension to enable dark mode on our desktop. So, we hope that they don’t make the same mistake in Chrome. Because that would be such an impropriate experience. Which we will get to experience.

This news was out only a few days ago. So, we can hope. That this feature will be available very soon for us and we will be able to use it.


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