Firefox for iOS update includes tab and private browsing improvements

Firefox For iOS is a very famous Web browser available for iOS as well as Android too. But as you know that they keep upgrading the android version. And the iOS user gets really silly updates. In which they don’t get to see too much customization features.

But, now the Firefox For iOS user is also going to get different customization features that they can try. So, these improvements include Tab and Private browsing improvements. Now, here we are going to discuss all of the features that you will get in both of these functions. Let’s start discussing them one by one.

Firefox For iOS

New Tab improvements:

There are a lot of changes that you are going to get in the Firefox new Tab. we are going to tell you all about the Tab. And the features that you will get in it. Before that, we want to tell you how the user experience is going to be with these improvements.

With the help of New Tab, you will be able to easily open and find anything. Search for any site, look your recent sites, history and the bookmarks easily right from your Tab. And there are tons of other benefits that you will get after upgrading to the new version.

Firefox Home:

With this, you can easily go to the Firefox Home with only one click. New Tab is now directly giving you that shortcut of the Firefox Homepage. So, it should be easier for you to access anything you want. If you are also interested to see what’s new in Firefox you can easily get on to their sites with one click.

Blank Page:

You can easily set a blank page instead of a Firefox home. And can keep using that as your default web page.

Night mode:

New night mode is now available in a new Tab. Now, you can explore things more easily and in an advanced way.


Switch from the home page to Bookmarks. Directly by opening a new tab. So, it will save a lot of your time. And will help you access all of your bookmarks in seconds.

Recent tabs and History:

You can also now switch from the home too recent tabs that you have open. Above all, history too only by swiping the home screen.

Private Browsing:

You can browse any site privately. Without even letting anyone know what you were browsing. This feature was available for other devices. But this now available for iOS devices too.

And you can easily get these features. By using this feature you can secretly browser any site you want. Firefox will not keep any of your histories, search data, cashes, passwords and so much more. There are tons of other benefits that it can bring to you.

If you also want to browse privately. And don’t want to keep the track of your data. Then this can be the right choice for you. You can use this to search any site secretly without even letting anyone know about you. That what you were doing.


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