Google admits storing passwords in plain text

There has been new news rolling out. The Tech giant Google has admitted that they have been storing passwords in a plain text format. Since 2005 they have been doing that. It is a very large vulnerability that also Google doesn’t know about it since 2005. G Suite users should pay attention here. Because there security and data were at stake.

Not only Google G Suite users are facing this error. This mistake was also done by Facebook and Twitter too. But with the time they both companies fixed this problem. And now they are not storing passwords of the user.

The fact that Google was also storing our passwords. But in a plain text format here is the tricky part. So, let’s imagine if someone gets to the Google database. Then they don’t have to do anything. The simply can steal and use your password from the plain text.

They have also said this too. That the passwords of G Suite users were in encrypted form. Which means that the human is unable to read the format. But with simple software, your password can be cracked easily. And hacker will be able to access the admin panel.

Not too many users were being affected by this mistake. But there were few peoples who got infected due to this mistake that Google has made. So, everyone knows that there is a recover password feature. Which we use in case if we are not able to Sign in. That’s the reason we were getting this error.

Also, they have fixed the error. And there is no longer a password recovery feature available. And few of the G Suite users were got infected due to this error. Their information was also leaked too. But there was no potential evidence that this happens.

Google admits storing passwords

Final Thoughts:

As day by day, the technology is getting better. We are also depending on that technology. But those technology companies are not taking good care of us. Major companies like Tech Giant Google. They are so careless that they were making this slight mistake from the past 14 years. And they did not even know about it.

What we can expect from them. As the technology is getting better. The technology companies are getting more and more careless. So, these companies will keep doing this. Let them do their work. What Google has done for the G Suite users?

Google is working on removing all of those passwords. Which was store on the server before they find this error? Now, they have been requesting to their users that they should change their passwords. And people are changing their passwords too.

Few users did not change their passwords. Google has automatically restored their passwords. In order to protect the security and the privacy of the G Suite users. They are also making a lot of different changes in security which we will be able to use in the next coming days. And you should also consider using Two Factor Authentication too. In order to secure your pricy and important data.


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