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  1. Hi, could someone please help me. I’ve tried to follow the instructions but when I click to download the crack file to run it isn’t there? Just an email and password that don’t work.

    Please help me as I really need access.

  2. thaank you i have give this website link to all my friends ,
    and they visit here to get Grammarly account you help me a lot

  3. Sir we need ahref account .please share this also it will save us lot of money please help
    Your regular visitor akash soni

  4. the password to open the zip file doesn’t work, I will appreciate if you can renew it. Thank you.

  5. Good Bro!! You are doing a really hard work Please keep it up and helping others. May God give you everything you want

  6. you are great it worked once again! and to the person who keeps deleting others files: PLEASE RESPECT THE PERSON WHO SHARED HIS PREMIUM ACCOUNT AT LEAST!!!

  7. Thank you so much for Grammarly Account I really appreciate it a lot. I hope it lasts long

  8. The file will not let me open it, it says “windows cannot complete the extraction”. I have tried it on 2 computers. Please help!

  9. It works bro. I love you. Eso funciona bro.

    Don’t be pussy and don’t change the password.

  10. hello, I got this message “Sign-in is disabled because of too many attempts. Try again later.”. Did I do anything wrong?? Thank you for your help!! 🙂 🙂

  11. Hi sir, hope you are safe and doing well.

    This account is not working, it says; “Sign-in is disabled because of too many attempts. Try again later.”

  12. Hi Admin! I got this message: “Sign-in is disabled because of too many attempts. Try again later.”

  13. it’s no longer working, I think premium subscription has expired. Please update it…….

  14. Sir when I want to sign in to the account, Grammarly gives me this error: Sign-in is disabled because of too many attempts, try again later. Please help me

  15. Plz at first it worked but then when I tried to login they told that the password is incorrect plz why did u change it ??

  16. Hello Sir,
    It’s no longer working, During sign in, Its shows the password is incorrect or account does not exist, Please update it.

  17. Hi sir, on login it says; Your password is incorrect or this account doesn’t exist. Please reset your password or create a new account. Please advise

  18. I cannot log in because of repeated attempts. Can you please resent the password and advice?

  19. the grammarly account says the email or password is incorrect. can this be fixed

  20. Hi, last few weeks the account was ok, today seems like I can’t login using this account.

  21. Grammarly Premium account no longer working, can you please give us a new creditals, thanks for your continuous support.

  22. Today cannot work sir ‘Your password is incorrect or this account doesn’t exist. Please reset your password or create a new account.’

  23. @Admin Not working. Got below error
    Your password is incorrect or this account doesn’t exist. Please reset your password or create a new account.

  24. Hi sir,

    Sorry to bother you but this account is not working. It gives an error: “Sign-in is disabled because of too many attempts. Try again later.”.

    Please advise.

  25. It was working yesterday but today some one change password sir. Please solve this and also tell me new account details sir.

  26. Somebody changed the password, sir. It says password incorrect. Hope you can fix it soon. Thank you so much for your service.

  27. Where are the username and password? I added the extension and copied the cookies, but it doesn’t work!

  28. Finally if we click on the “import cookies” it is taking us to “Gramerly website” not login as you showed in your video. please support

  29. I tried after downloading both files but it’s not working for me. I tried the way its explained in video. Pl share some simple method to use it. Thank you.

  30. Hello Admin, seems like the password has changed again. I can’t log into the premium account anymore. Please share the new password. Thank you very much.

  31. I CAN’T THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY 50$. I’m a poor person and can’t afford premium, may GOD give you everything you want and you’ll live more than 100+ years. God bless you. Thank You!!!!!


  33. Are the crake software to install on install on my Mac book? or is it only for Window platform. Please advise

  34. hello admin, i get “Sign-in is disabled because of too many attempts. Try again later.” every time. pls help

  35. yesterday it worked fine. What happened today? It said the account password changed. Can I get the new password plz?

  36. Hello, the last account given on 25th oct is no longer working as of today. I thank you for the day before which was a lifesaver. Please kindly change it as soon as possible. I really need it for my projects. Please help

  37. Thanks for always provide us with the free accounts. much love for you man!

    P.S for you reader, stop being a douchebag and trying to change the account password, you just make this difficult for the admin and you should be thankful for using these premium accounts for free. whats wrong with sharing with everyone? by changing the password means that you make yourself a thief. have a nice day

  38. You’re actually not human, you’re a true Angel who is doing help of others!!!!!!

    Thank you! You’re the only person in which I pray for in my every prayer!!! GOD Bless you!! You’re a life saver, I can’t really explain how happy I’m in words. Just because of you brother! You’re doing a good job.

  39. Hey admin,
    After 20 sec ads i got text file and in that there is id and pass but it not working.

  40. I’m gonna cry! Please don’t remove the login details again! I’m so much happy that I’m gonna cry!!! 🙂

  41. hello it’s working yesterday but not now,it says u update the pass everyday Where i can get it?

  42. Congratulations on your great work.
    However, today the account is invalid.
    Could you switch?

  43. Thank you so much for sharing this option with us. I’m learning English, but I’m still having problems with my writing.

  44. Thanks, we are learning a lot , The account logins are not working please update them for us.

  45. Hello sir, Thank you for Grammarly premium, you really help us a lot. The logins can’t be downloaded as file sharing is not working properly, please check on it, thank you.

  46. password did not update for today? have download and try few time, but not working

  47. tried to sign up the account, unfortunately for me.. the password isnt working 🙁
    hope you’ll notice this..

  48. Please update the password. really though, anyone who hack admin account really need to get a life or else. how stingy are they don’t want to share the account, sharing is caring.

  49. Hi, 03/07/2021 and the password isn’t working. It’s said in the txt file that the last update day is 29-06-2021. Please fix it, thanks a lot !

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