Here are the 230 new emojis that have just been approved for 2019

There is a total of 230 Emoji’s that have been approved for 2019. And we are going to get to use all of those emoji easily. They will make our chats and daily life easier. These all emoji’s include Guide Dog, Waffle, Hindu temple, Sari, Sloth, Mate and even more. Almost, different types of emoji are available with tons of new and unique figures.

The final list of emoji that has been approved is 230. Also, they are available in different variations. Furthermore, they are available in different colors, skin tones and so much more.

In the list of all the Emoji’s that you are going to get. These all of the images are really beautiful. And you can easily get to use all of these images. With glossy apples, white heart, chocolate heart, different boxes and even more. Here are a few of the emoji with their names that you are going to get.

  • Yawing Face
  • Pinching Hand
  • Ear with a hearing aid
  • Deaf Person, Deaf Man and Deaf Woman
  • Mechanical arm and leg
  • Man and woman with probing cane
  • Woman and man with a motorized wheelchair
  • Man and woman with mechanical wheelchair
  • Person, Man, and woman standing
  • Man and woman kneeling
  • Different Dogs
  • Also, some fruits and vegetables too
  • Hindu temples and even more
  • White and Brown heart
  • And so much more that you are going to get in 230 different emoji’s.

Above were a few of the emoji’s names that you are going to get in it. And you will be able to use all of these emoji’s very soon.

Mixed skin tones:

Now there are different mixed skin tones are available. Just like before that is also the same as the new emoji’s too. You will get different mixed skin tones to use. And you can easily try all of those emoji’s with different skin tones.


Each n every emoji is going to be available in different colors. Above all, the heart is now also available in different colors. And those emoji’s which were missing different colors support they are also going to get tons of new colors, style and even more.

Final Thoughts:

So, as you know that emoji’s can totally change the look of our chats. And also they add interest in our chats. It is easier to interact with these different emoji’s. Now, we are going to get tons of different emoji. That we think is going to be cool. So, now we will have to wait and see that in the next update are we going to get new emoji’s?

They are developing all of these emoji’s. Furthermore, we will be able to get them in the next coming months. And after that, every chat is going to be more colorful. With tons of different emoji’s, styles, colors, tones and so much more. That is going to be available for us. So, if you also are a fan of emoji’s then let us know that which emoji do u like the most in the comments.


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