PLAYERUNKNOWN’S official BATTLEGROUNDS is exclusively designed for mobile. You can play anywhere and anytime. PUBG MOBILE offers the best free-to-play multiplayer gaming experience on mobile. Get ready to compete. Enjoy classic 100-player battles, payload mode, fast-paced 4v4 team deathmatch, and zombie modes. Survival is the key to survival. The last person standing wins. Fire at will when duty calls!

FREE ON MOBILE – Powered By the Unreal Engine 4. Enjoy console-quality gaming on the move Amazing HD graphics and 3D sound. You can customize your mobile controls and training modes. Voice chat is also available. You will experience the smoothest control possible and realistic weapon behavior, ballistics, and other behaviors on your mobile device.

MASSIVE BATTLEMAPS – Compete on these massive battlegrounds that range in size, terrain, and day/night cycles. From urban spaces to frozen tundra to dense jungles. Master the secrets of each battleground to find your unique strategy to win.

DEPTH and Variety – The classic 100-player mode, the exhilarating Payload mode, the lightning-fast Arcade, 4v4 Team Deathmatch modes as well as intense Zombie modes. There’s something for everyone. There’s something for everyone. You can play solo, duo, or in 4-player squads. You can fire your weapon as much as you like! You can either play as a lonewolf soldier or with a Clan, and answer duty calls when needed. You can play FPS (First-Person Shoter) or TPS (Third Person Shooter) with lots of vehicles and realistic weapons. You will find the perfect vehicle and accessories to help you cruise towards the end circle.

ALWAYS GROOKING – Monthly updates and daily challenges provide new gameplay modes and features that keep PUBG MOBILE growing. Our strong and powerful anti-cheating systems ensure that everyone plays according to the rules.

* You need a reliable internet connection. * PUBG MOBILE recommends Android 5.1.1 or higher and at least 2 GB of memory. For devices with different specifications, you can use PUBG MOBILE LITE

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