WhatsApp Business to add new web and desktop features to celebrate the birthday

WhatsApp business is another version of WhatsApp. Which was released for those who run their own business? Also, there are many tools in it that are different than the normal version. Just like normal WhatApp, WhatsApp Business is also available for Android, Dekstop, and web too.

Now, WhatsApp Business is going to celebrate there one million customers. For its Birthday. Above all, on its birthday they are going to announce tons of different tools that will make tasks easier. And also those features will make WhatsApp more easy and fun to use. So, including all of these together we hope that you understand what this is all about.

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And now we are going to share with you those features. That they are going to announce their birthday. With one single update, we will get to use all of those features. So, here is the list of all of those features.

  • Quick Replies
  • Labels
  • Chat List Filtering

These are the name of the new three features that you are going to get to use. Now we are going to describe to you all of the features one by one. So, you can easily understand all of the features. And after that, you can easily find and use them.

WhatsApp Business

Quick Replies:

If we want to reply to a specific message. Then we can not do that by writing that message and then replying on. So, with the Quick Reply feature, we can easily reply to any message we want. With the keyboard shortcut / this. Or you can simply select the quick reply button and after that, you can send your message.

In this way, you can reply to any message at any time you want. And can easily get the answer to the question. Also, can let another person know what you are talking about.


If it is difficult for you to find your contacts and chats. Then now you don’t have to worry about finding them. Because now you can use different labels to easily find your chats and contacts. This means that you can now easily organize all of your chats and contacts with different labels.

In this way, it will be easier for you to find anything. And also it will save a lot of your time. This feature can be really useful at different times. We will be able to get this feature in a very short time with tons of other features too.

Chat List Filtering:

It is not an easy task to find the chat you want. Because if you manage to chat with random persons. Then it is not easy to find random persons you want to chat with. So, for this problem now you can also filter your chats too. In order too easily find them. Now, you can get your chats by unread messages, groups or broadcast easily.

Only you have to do is just go to the filter option and sort them as you want. After that, you will be able to get all of your chats easily.


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