Amazon cancels New York City HQ2 project and 25,000 jobs

Amazon cancels New York City HQ2 project and the 25,000 jobs that would come along with it. So, it is really bad news for New York City that they have lost a tech giant. That could be a possible help for their country. Amazon was going to open its Headquarters in two different locations of New York City. One is the Long Island City and also the Queens too.

There is a big reason why the decision not to open HQ2 in New York. We will describe things about this issue in more detail. But before we start discussing that. We would like to give you the exact statement from the Amazon that they have said in their blog post.

They said after thinking too many times about the decision. To build an HQ2 in New York City. Onto two different locations. We have decided not to do so. Because this requires a positive kind of relationship with us and the country. Also, the peoples and the local politicians. But we are disappointed to see so. That we cannot carry onto this project.

And we have finally decided not to open the HQ2. With their decisions New York has lost almost 25,000 Jobs. Because Amazon had promised before this decision. That there new HQ2 project will bring these jobs in the city. Now, what they can do when the have to find decided not to open there HQ2 in New York.

Also, they have said in their statement. That 70% of the people were with them. Which means that they were agreeing with their terms and conditions. But few local politicians and other peoples. Who did not consider this deal helpful? That’s why the amazon has decided not to open there.


Closing Words:

As they were thanking all of the people who were helpful with them. And were supporting them in there deal. At the same time, they said they love New York and they would also love to open their HQ2 project there.

But things did not go well. And we are not finding a positive response. Also, our business may not run well there. Due to the no supportive response. That’s why the final decision was not to open there. Due to which they share that they will keep growing there business in many other different locations.

They did not find this deal helpful in these days. But they said in the future we can also plan to do so again. So, let’s hope for the best. And see what they are going to do next with the HQ2 plan. We will be able to see Amazon there or not. You will get the news out in a few days.

Above all, they are planning to increase their business in other countries. And they ended there blog with news that. They are thankful to all of the people. In which they had given few names of the people they were thanking too. And they ended the post with a final decision. Also, with the disappointment of not opening their HQ2 Project there.


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