WhatsApp Business to add new web and desktop features to celebrate the birthday

WhatsApp business is another version of WhatsApp. Which was released for those who run their own business? Also, there are many tools in it that are different than the normal version. Just like normal WhatApp, WhatsApp Business is also available... Read more

Chrome is Tracking You To an Absurd Degree

Chrome tracks each n everything you do your browser. There are a lot of things that Google has kept in secret from us. Also, this news is coming out that Google is tracking everything we are doing using Chrome. Now,... Read more

A Dark Mode is Coming to Google Chrome On Desktop

Finally, a dark mode is coming to Google Chrome on the desktop. Which we will be able to see in the new versions coming this year. There will be a lot of benefits that a dark mode will bring for... Read more

Facebook Ban White Nationalism and Separatism

AS everyone uses Social Media to share anything they want. This is also because there is not good security. Or also the features which can filter and see which content is good or bad. Due to which there are a... Read more

Amazon cancels New York City HQ2 project and 25,000 jobs

Amazon cancels New York City HQ2 project and the 25,000 jobs that would come along with it. So, it is really bad news for New York City that they have lost a tech giant. That could be a possible help... Read more

Earn $1000 daily without investment

Today I am Share $1133 Received, Brave Browser Cash Out Proof, I will give you a payment proof of brave browser. Download the Brave browser Click Here To Download Install a Brave browser Create an account Log in Your account... Read more

The Best Image Manager Software for Windows

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Instagram announces changes to approach on self-harm content

In their previous blog post. Instagram has announced its changes to the self-harm content. And we are going to discuss that post here. So, they said that there is nothing more important for us. Then the security of the peoples.... Read more

Here are the 230 new emojis that have just been approved for 2019

There is a total of 230 Emoji’s that have been approved for 2019. And we are going to get to use all of those emoji easily. They will make our chats and daily life easier. These all emoji’s include Guide... Read more