Chrome is Tracking You To an Absurd Degree

Chrome tracks each n everything you do your browser. There are a lot of things that Google has kept in secret from us. Also, this news is coming out that Google is tracking everything we are doing using Chrome. Now, it does not matter if you are using a Desktop or Mobile version.

So, the name Cookies. Which everyone knows about? And it plays an important role while we are going to visit a new website. Also, these cookies make overtask a lot easier while we are working on that site. We also allow those cookies.

But do you know what all of those cookies do? Now, there is a simple logic behind this. For example on a daily basis, if you visit ten sites. Then all of those ten sites cookies will be store on chrome and it will send them to Google. Here is the interesting part about what they are doing with that.

Next time whenever you will visit a site they will track your cookies. And those cookies will let Google know what kind of person you are. Or, in which type of things you are interested in. Once, they will realize your interest.

After that, they will show Ads related to that thing. Which means that you will click on those ads and they will earn money. So, you can understand form simple logic that why they are tracking us. No matter what we do or what we are doing. Google has the record for that. And they are using it against us.

Furthermore, if you are using Chrome on your Mobile. Then in that case whenever you are going to search for something new. Google is going to keep track of your location. That where you are and what you are searching for.

Final Thoughts:

Now, as you know what Google Chrome browser is doing with our privacy? There is one more interesting thing that you should know about. And that is that everything we do and we search for Google has the record for that thing on their servers. So, if you don’t want this to happen with you. Then there are a lot of things that you should keep in mind.

And also we are suggesting a few software for you that you can try. If you want to keep your privacy and security in your hands. There are many different browsers and search engines that are doing the same. But the one we are going to tell you. They are not doing and they don’t want to sell your data. So, you should try these.

Switch your search engine to DuckDuckGo. If you want to search secretly and don’t want to keep the record of your searches. Using this search engine is the safest way to search for anything you want to find.

If you want a safe browser. Then you can try Firefox or Brave browser. They both are really safe ways to search, download and find anything you want too.


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