Watch the Mona Lisa brought to life with AI

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. As, you know that AI contains numerous things like Robots, Algorithms. Which makes humans tasks and life easier. So, just like that using an AI Mona Lisa was brought to life.

First of all how they are doing it. So, with one image of yours, they can create a whole video. In which whatever the creator wants you to do you will be doing that.

So, this technology can also be very harmful. And what can be done with this is just unimaginable. There are a lot of fake videos going on of celebrities and stars. Saying things which they have never said in their life and even more.

This was an idea from the Samsung AI research laboratory which is in Moscow. With your one image, they can make you what they want. So, they build an advanced AI algorithm that can create your fake videos with one single images.

Fake Obama, Fake models and so many other people’s deep fake videos were created. Using this advanced AI algorithm. You can get an idea about how much people can misuse this technology.

Also, they did the same with the photo of Mona Lisa. A very beautiful and very famous image of Mona Lisa. Which almost every person has seen. They have released a video in which Mona Lisa is talking, moving his head around and even more.

So, this algorithm basically learns your facial expressions, your eyes moments, mouth shapes, eyes, and almost every basic landmark movement.

In one line now we can say that. Mona Lisa can now be brought to life with a single image. Also, it is the same for us and many other peoples who are out there. This technology is also harmful if it is in the wrong hands.

Mona Lisa

Closing Words:

As we know that this technology can bring a lot of changes to this world. How cool it would be that with one single image someone can be brought to life.

But also with that, we cannot let this thought go off. That what if this is in the wrong hands. And someone can misuse this technology. To make deep fake videos of celebrities or someone very famous.

It can be the PM saying something else. Or just like Mona Lisa, someone can bring out of the dead. And saying things which they have never said.

This technology is really helpful in some cases. But if you look at it then there are a lot of things that may get wrong if this is in the wrong hands. So, what are your thoughts about this advanced AI algorithms by Samsung?

If someone will misuse this technology on any person. Then that person’s life can completely be finish with one image. If this technology gets in the wrong hand there are a lot of ways it can be misuse.

Above all, this is also very fun. It looks like a real Mona Lisa. And anyone can bring back into life. And the Quality of the videos is also very good with a lot of filters.


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