Fake ads on Windows 10 apps lure victims

So, few windows 10 customers who run ads on their systems. And they want to earn money by showing their ads to customers. But that is getting more and more difficult.

Fake ads Also, taking this thing in their mind there has been new vulnerability found in Windows 10 Apps. The own and official windows apps are redirecting people to the webpages and stealing their information.

Furthermore, like the news software that comes pre-installed with the Microsoft windows. It is also showing deceptive pages and campaigns that will let them believe that. Their security is at risk if you want to resolve your security problems.

Once, you will get that false error. There is also a Scan button below. Which will take you to the deceptive and phishing webpage? And it can be any browser you are using. So, once you will click on scan and your browser will take you to that webpage.

On those webpages, you will also see different types of Ads too. That will try to hack and steal your information in different ways. Those ads will be simple but they will force you to click on them. And once you will do that and will install any of that software. Or will give your personal information. You will be getting hacked.

The phishing site will show you different ads. Like that you can win iPhone X right from here for free. And you will click on that site. Once you will do that click. It will take you to another page. There they will ask your personal information and when you will give that information. They will steal all of your information.

There are also tons of other ads that peoples are currently experiencing. And their security is at stake of everyone who will receive deceptive ads.

Fake ads

Closing Words:

What can you do against all types of these threats? So, there is not one specific thing that you can do and can get rid of this problem. Many peoples have also experienced this problem before. Now many major companies like Google, Facebook and even more.

There is only one possible solution to that problem which is this that. You should not click on any type of links. Which you will receive while using different Microsoft Apps. Because they will redirect to a new webpage. Where you will get scammed too.

There is only one way to be safe. Windows 10 Product Key that is not opening any type of ad or link that you are getting. If you can simply take care of this thing then you are secure.

Also, you cannot potentially fix this error by using any type of software or antivirus. This is an issue which will Microsoft has to resolve itself. So, only one thing which we can do is that we should wait. Until the Fake ads on Windows 10 apps lure victims problems get fixed. Microsoft can do that only if they are willing to remove all of their creators. That’s the only way over privacy can be maintained.


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