Android Apps Collect Your Data Through Hidden Channels

Another bad news for android is rolling us. That the Android apps are collecting your data through hidden channels. Which means that our privacy and data is not secure. And our privacy is at stake.

Once, this news was out. There were also a lot of people who started doing research on this bug. And there were tons of different news about this matter. Above all, Google is also playing a very important role in this case. Which we are going to discuss below.

So, no matter what you do. Even if you disable all the permissions. That one software asks from you. Even after that all of that software keep collecting your data through hidden channels. This is really bad news for android users.

There were much different software found. After the research that this software always keeps working in the background. And the steal all of our important data and information. Also, they are storing all the data.

Thousands of peoples are being affected by this. And also you can be one of them too. So, if we want to keep good care of your data. Make sure you are using antivirus software to scan your device for running applications. Also, make sure that all the software you are using is from one trusted source.

Still, there is a lot of research going on this project. And Google is also working to stop this attack. But they are not able to do much. As you know there are millions of applications available online and on play store. Google is working very hard to keep your devices safe. By scanning all of that application.

But, there are software’s which they are unable to find. And the running secretly in our devices. Always stealing our important data secretly.

Final Thoughts:

There are tons of software. That we install from Google are always working in the background and stealing our information. They are working to fix this error. And in future updates they will also try to fix this. But this will keep going until they cannot find the best way to stop this. Otherwise, they will only try to remove those applications. Which they see as harmful applications.

All of that software that stores data on SD Card. Are more vulnerable applications. And the software’s which are stealing our data. They use these applications. To access data on SD Card. And without any permission or security, they are able to steal our data.

If you want to be protect your device then there are a lot of things that you will have to go through. Because until this problem will get fixed. You may also get infected too. So, if you don’t want to happen so with yourself. Then you will have to be very wise. There are a few steps that you can follow to ensure your safety and security.

Make sure that your device is updated. Above all, you are using an antivirus to protect your device. Also, that antivirus must be updated too. And each software you install on your device. Must be from a trusted source. Otherwise, it will be easier to steal your information.


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